Key Making

Need a new key for your house? For your car or your office? Perhaps, you want a damaged cabinet key replaced? If it’s time for key making, Cambridge ON locksmiths are at your service. Say the word and a key maker will come out as soon as it’s convenient for you to make keys.

Are you searching for a house keys maker? Do you need a car key made? On all occasions, make contact with our locksmith company.

Why should you choose Locksmith Cambridge, you wonder? Because you can have any key you need made without delay and always with precision at a very reasonable price. And if you need an auto key made, be sure that the car keys maker not only will be well-equipped but also qualified to program chip keys. Your job is always done with the accuracy demanded and is completed then and there.

Cambridge key making team

Key Making Cambridge

Now you know that key making in Cambridge, Ontario, is only a call or message away. You make contact with our team, get a quote, set an appointment, and hold your new key in no time flat.

The locksmiths make new keys for all applications, purposes, and locks. It doesn’t matter if you want a new file cabinet key or a door key or a mailbox key. You quickly get the key you need.

There’s often a need for key cutting. That’s when the locksmiths use the original key to make keys. Of course, we know that accidents happen, problems happen, mishaps happen. And so, you can relax knowing that most times, new keys can be made even if the original keys are missing.

From replacing to duplicating keys, services to meet all needs

With all the above said, let us now focus on the service you need. It’s fair to say that people want new keys for different reasons. There’s often a need to have spares. Sometimes, keys are stolen and so must change, and the lock must be rekeyed. Other times, keys become damaged and must be replaced. Be sure to turn to our team for any key making service.

  •          Key duplicating. Copies of the same key are made.
  •          Key change. The lock is rekeyed and a new key is made.
  •          Key replacement. A key is replaced with a new one due to damage or breakage.

What’s your case? Is it an emergency? What key do you want? Turn to our team. If it’s time for you to schedule key making, Cambridge pros are at your service.