Key Cutting

Specialists in key cutting serve Cambridge, Ontario, and do so as quickly as needed. Cutting new keys is often a choice for those who need more copies of a key. All the same, the service is provided promptly. If, for some reason, this is quite time-sensitive for you, let our team know. Locksmith Cambridge is ready to serve. We always serve quickly and send locksmiths equipped as demanded to cut keys.

Key cutting in Cambridge

Key Cutting Cambridge

If it’s time for key cutting, Cambridge’s most committed locksmith team is at your service. Tell us what you want and how soon you want it. Key cutting services involve making keys by using the original key. With the demanded expertise and the required machines, the pros cut new keys – as many copies as needed.

People want new keys cut for different reasons. Whatever your reason – and whether it’s urgent or not, turn to our team for the key service.

Key cutting services

  •          The most common reason for key cutting is the need to have more copies of a key. Let’s say that you want to give the house keys to your children. Or to your parents. Or to friends. It’s good to have extras. The original key is used to make copies. This may be a door key, a cabinet key, a mailbox key, or any other key.
  •          Of course, not all service needs are limited to key duplicating. Sometimes, there’s a need to have a key replaced. Let’s say that you have noticed some distortions. Wouldn’t it be prudent to have a new key made before the distorted one gets stuck or breaks in the lock?
  •          Then again, you may already have such a problem. Let’s say, for example, that a key is stuck in the lock due to damage. A locksmith can remove the key and use it to make new keys for you. We understand that when a key is damaged or broken and often stuck inside a lock, the situation is quite urgent. If that’s your situation with your key, replacing and extracting the key will be only a matter of calling our team.

We are at your service for such jobs. Whatever your case, Cambridge key cutting services are carried out with the appropriate equipment and products by expert pros at very good rates. Why don’t you reach us? Need new keys cut?